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Create Better Exhibits by Mastering the Art of Marketing

Create Better Exhibits by Mastering the Art of Marketing

Most exhibitors tend to get caught up in everything but marketing. Lets face it, you are busy worrying about logistics and putting together the most transportable booth in existence. This is understandable, the best booths are ones that are easy to assemble and move from one place to another, especially if you are going to be attending one trade show after another.


But while it is understandable to focus more on logistics that does not mean it is a good strategy.

As an exhibitor you need to make sure that you never forget the most important thing at trade shows; attendees! None of the people attending your trade show will admire your booth for its easy transport! They want to be excited and told about your product!

Target Your Audience

Every company has a target audience, so spend your time marketing to the demographic that pays the most interest to you. This only makes sense! Why would you want to waste your time designing a booth filled with items appealing to a demographic LEAST likely to purchase what you sell? The answer is YOU WOULDN’T. But this might be exactly what you are doing.

Find out what excites your target audience the most. Do some research and figure it out in advance and make arrangements to purchase or rent trade show entertainment that will appeal to them!

Select the Right Shows

Don’t select shows based on their relative closeness to your location or on airline or travel fairs for that month of the year. Base your trade show selection on who is most likely to attend and how relevant the theme is to your company. Sure, a trade show for kitchen ware is only a ten minutes drive from your location but if your trying to sell sailboats this might not work out to be a successful trip for you.

There are tons more tips out there on how to be a great marketer, but you really just need to think form their P.O.V. and never forget you are here for them before anything. So the next time you start designing a new booth keep in mind that you are here to gain exposure and market to your target audience

About the Author

Shannon Martin is a trade show marketing consultant with more than a decade of experience in social media marketing, small business marketing, and trade show and conference marketing.  She is the lead editor for TradeShowMarketing.Com and lives in Palm Coast, FL.

About the Author

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