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Money Machines are the most exciting promotional product around. The Money Machine gives potential customers a chance to win money or vouchers for products and services you already offer! People will line up at the site of swirling dollar bills for their chance to win big! Doesn’t that sound a lot more entertaining than a regular news paper ad or flyer? You should use a Money Machine because it is a fun and different way to create buzz and excitement around your business!

You can stock your money machines with Prize Dollars or custom vouchers and coupons for your businesses specific products or services.

You can purchase Money Machine Prize Dollars Here.

The best thing about having a Money Machine is that you are totally in control of how much you essentially are “giving away”. You can load the machine with Prize Dollars, vouchers, or coupons that can go towards the purchase of a specific product you offer. When the contestant wins a coupon or voucher to put towards something they are more likely to buy from you and not from your competitors!

IF USING REAL MONEY tell participants at our exciting events that they can grab the cash and put it into a supplied apron or push it through a slot in the front of the machine. There is only one rule, you can’t grab below your knees. This will keep your contestants from just reaching down and grabbing the cash off the floor.

Now you can see why we appropriately named it “The Funny Money Machine”. Spectator will begin to laugh immediately as the participant inside the machine begins to squirm and stash the cash. If you use this scenario, we recommend inserting approximately 200 bills into the machine for optimum circulation. With 200 bills in the machine, the participant will grab about 20 to 35 bills on the average; based on 20 – 25 seconds in the machine.

You can use all one dollar bills, which is usually the case, or you can mix 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, etc. We will often insert 200 one-dollar bills and one $100 bill in to see who gets lucky.

You can reduce the amount of bills taken out by reducing the amount of time that the participant has to grab the airborne bills. Bottom line is – you can give away as little or as much as you would like.

Auto Dealership Promotions, Bank Promotions, Casino Promotions, Trade Shows, Grand Openings, Fund Raisers, Redemption Centers, Employee Appreciation, Parties, the list goes on and on!

Shipping dates vary depending on what exciting Money Machine style you choose for your next event.

Money Blowing Machine Rules & Regulations

Contestant must be in good physical condition to participate. Persons with back, neck, knee or joint injury, respiratory problems or who may be pregnant should not participate. If you are currently under medical care, please consult your physician before participating on this event.

  1. Money Machine must be operated by an Attendant at all times in order to be used.
  2. Safety glasses are required for all Participants.
  3. While inside Money Machine, Participants face the front of the machine, and catch vouchers/bills in the air only!
  4. Participants must not trap vouchers/bills against roof, walls, or body, and they cannot bend at the waist or knees to pick up voucher/bills from the floor.
  5. Participants must be escorted by an Attendant upon entering and while exiting the Money Machine after time expires.

Three Cash Cube Money Machine Styles Available

Blizzard of Dollars® Inflatable Cash Cube Money Machines

Our Blizzard of Dollars® inflatable cash cube money machines require two blowers; one blower keeps the machine inflated and the other circulates cash/bills inside the machine. The inflation blower runs constantly, while the circulation blower only runs while a contestant is inside the machine booth. For this reason, the Inflatable cash cubes tend to be louder than other models and are recommended for use outdoors or in a large indoor space like a stage or auditorium.

The average footprint of the inflatable cash cube money machines is 6’ x 6’ x 9’, making them the largest of our money machines when inflated. Don’t let their size fool you… each Blizzard of Dollars inflatable can be easily transported in a SUV or large trunk of a car. Once deflated, the inflatable money booth can be easily rolled up and placed in a protective carry bag. Easy one-man assembly and tear-down requires 10-15 minutes.

For outdoor use, the inflatable cash cube money machines are equipped with rings, allowing you to tie them down and anchor to the ground. The base of the Our Blizzard of Dollars® inflatable money booths are not inflated so while each contestant is inside the machine, his or her feet are planted on a solid surface, eliminating any stability hazards normally associated with inflatable products.

Whether you are interested in renting or purchasing, we have many inflatable money machines to choose from on Our standard inflatable Blizzard of Dollars money booths come in various shapes such as a bank vault, jukebox, slot machine, and money cube. We can also create a custom inflatable cash cube money machine adorned with your company logo and marketing message. Allow one of our Money Machine Store representatives to discuss your options and provide an inflatable money machine tailored to your event needs and budget.

Blizzard of Dollars® Lightweight Collapsible Cash Cube Money Machines

Our Blizzard of Dollars® lightweight, collapsible cash cube money machines are uniquely designed for maximum portability and ease of use. Each money booth is constructed with a satin anodized aluminum frame and tough, clear, vinyl walls. A powerful 1 HP deluxe blower connects to the back of the machine and circulates the bills/money once engaged. These lightweight money booths can be easily disassembled with no tools required by removing four supporting poles from the frame. Once disassembled, our collapsible money machines can easily fit into an SUV or large car trunk.

Most of the weight in the Blizzard of Dollars® collapsible cash cubes is located in the base of the machine, which along with two sturdy rows of aluminum, provides additional stability and eliminates “wobbling”. The footprints of these collapsible money booths measure just over three feet wide, making them the best choice for those with limited space. Although they are compact, our cash cubes can still accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. Contestants enter and exit the cash cube money machine through a zipper door located on the side of the money booth.

Our most popular collapsible cash cube styles available at the Money Machine Store, the Octagon Money Machine® and Lightweight Traveler®, feature the latest Blizzard of Dollars® air flow technology, which produces optimal circulation and prevents cash/bills from “piling” up inside the money machine.

Whether you decide to rent or purchase a Blizzard of Dollars® collapsible cash cube money machine, you can custom brand the money booth with your logo and marketing message. Contact one of our friendly representatives from for pricing and availability.

Blizzard of Dollars® Hardcase Cash Cube Money Machines

If you’re looking for maximum brand exposure, look no further than one of our Blizzard of Dollars® hardcase money machine cash cubes. Consisting of a polished metal frame and clear, scratch-resistant walls, these money booths come fully equipped with all the “bells and whistles” designed to drive traffic and excitement to your event, brand or business establishment. Though they weigh more than the inflatable and collapsible cash cube models, the hardcase cash cubes featured on can still be easily transported using a built-in dolly system.

Each of the Blizzard of Dollars® hardcase cash cubes features a digital timer, which not only allows for easy one-touch operation, it also showcases a countdown clock on the front of the money booth so that the audience can watch in anticipation as the seconds expire. In addition, our hardcase money cubes are equipped with a scrolling marquis message board, which can be easily programmed to display your unique marketing message for all to see.

Should you decide to rent a cash cube, one of our friendly Money Machine Store representatives will personally deliver the money booth onsite to your event, instruct you on proper use, and pickup the machine upon completion of the rental. We also offer attendant services if you need assistance operating the machine during your event.

The latest hardcase money booth available for both rental and purchase, the Deluxe Blizzard of Dollars® hard case money machine, features state-of-the-art upgrades unlike any cash cube on the market. This hardcase money booth comes equipped with a removable dolly system, which provides a clean, polished look on all four sides while the money machine is in use, as well as easy transport.

This cash cube includes remote controlled interior LED lighting, allowing you to customize the color, pattern, and intensity of light. The Deluxe Blizzard of Dollars® hardcase money machine also features a remote controlled timer system, providing you the ability to start the money booth at a distance. Custom branding is available for both the rental and purchase of a Blizzard of Dollars® hardcase cash cube. For more information on our hardcase money booths, contact a representative. We’re waiting to hear from you!