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heavy-duty-traveler-cash-cubeCash Cube Money Blowing Machines Rentals from the Money Machine Store are the number one promotional tool to rent or buy for your next party, promotional event, trade show, or casino party. Your guests will not be able to contain their excitement as they await their turn to grab as much cash or prize vouchers from the Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine as they can! The length of time guests spend inside the machine and the potential prizes to be won are determined by you.

Our Cash Cube Money Blowing Machines can swirl around a variety of promotional bills, including: real money, promotional money or certificates, prize vouchers and more! The Money Machine Store can customize the Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine AND the promotional money with your company logo!

Give us a call today rent or begin a Live Chat with one of our customer service specialists, who are ready to make your Cash Cube Money Blowing Machine experience a breeze. We will help you choose the right machine based on event type and expected attendance, deliver, setup and remove the machine at the conclusion of the event. To see the variety of machines that we offer, take a look below!

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Octagon budget money machine Octagon Money Machine $249 - $495 $1,999.00
Traveling Money Machine $249 - $550 $1,999.00
Blizzard of Dollars Hard Case Cash Cube Money Machine $695-$1195 $4,999.00
All-Clear Deluxe Circular Cash Cube $695-$1195 $5,999.00
Money Grabber Jr. Money Machine $245 - $495 $2,695.00
Casino Cash Cube $795 - $1195 $7,995.00
Heavy Duty Traveler Cash Cube $695 - $1195 $7,999.00
Traveling Money Blowing Machine $695 - $1195 Rental Only
Deluxe Traveling Money Blowing Machine $695 - $1195 Rental Only
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Circular Inflatable Cash Cube Money Machine $249 - $495 $2,695.00
Blue Cube Money Machine $249 - $495 $2,695.00
Inflatable Blue Traveler $249 - $495 $2,695.00
Slots Money Machine $249 - $495 $2,795.00
The Vault Money Machine $249 - $495 $2,795.00
The Vault With Hand Money Machine For Purchase Only $3,995.00
Jukebox Money Machine $249 - $495 $2,795.00
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Octagon budget money machine Octagon Money Machine $249 - $495 $1,999.00
Traveling Money Machine $249 - $550 $1,999.00
Money Grabber Jr. Money Machine $249 - $495 $2,695.00
Budget Soft Shell Money Machine $249 - $495 $1,775.00
Tycoon Typhoon Money Machine $249 - $495 $2,195.00
Vault Budget Money Machine $249 - $495 $2,195.00
Party Cash Cube Budget Money Machine $249 - $495 $2,195.00
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People love to see the action happening and it's easy to drive the crowds to your event, party or show with the excitement of real money, vouchers or promotional money as it dances around inside a Money Machine or Cash Cube!. If you are looking to excite and wow your crowd, then there is no other way better than that of a money machine or cash cube. Rent one of our Cash Cube Money Machines! Our money machine cash cubes can swirl around all sorts of promotional products, real money, promotional mney, promotional paper, propotional certificates and more. The Money Machine Store can design custom promotional certificates and money with your company logo. Rent one today we have the best prices when it comes to money machine cash cubes.

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