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Generate Excitement With A Money Blowing Machine

Generate Excitement With A Money Blowing Machine

Money blowing machines have been a popular way to generate interest and excitement at promotional events, trade shows and retail events for a long time. It used to be that these machines were reserved for big-name companies and businesses running a special promotion. But now, the money machine is available to all types and sizes of organizations through rentals.

A People Magnet

Trade show specialists know that money blowing machines are one of the easiest ways there is to attract people to a trade show booth. Now you can harness that power yourself for any event, large or small. They are a very popular retail attraction; we’ve had many customers who use these machines outside their storefront to catch the interests of passersby. They’re also very popular at grand openings, auto dealerships, bank events and casinos.

One of the best things about a money chamber is its flexibility. Not only are they small and portable enough to fit easily inside or outside a building, you’re not limited to stocking it with money! Any paper-based items will work. Savvy business owners have stocked the cash booth with coupons, vouchers or fake money that can only be used at their place of business. This strategy works wonders. Not only do you have a captive audience that is surrounded by your products, you also put people in a buying mode once they get caught up in the excitement. Add in to that free cash or discounts applied to their purchase and watch your sales numbers jump!

Recognize Employees With A Fun Cash Cube

A money blowing machine doesn’t have to be reserved for customers only. More and more organizations are renting the machines for employee appreciation events and corporate parties. Show your employees some appreciation by giving them a chance to catch cash, coupons for extra time off, incentives or restaurant vouchers. Even those who don’t enter the cash booth themselves enjoy watching their colleagues, friends and family grabbing for flying money! The excitement a money machine generates is palpable at these events and gives people something to talk about long after the event is over.

Money Machine Rentals: All The Fun At A Fraction Of The Cost

Renting a money blowing machine or cash booth lets you have all the fun and excitement that the booth brings to an event without the cost of ownership. At Ideas4Events, our rental costs are very reasonable, allowing smaller organizations or those that don’t have a regular use for a money chamber to add something extra-special to their event whenever they want.

Renting these exciting cash cubes gives you:

  • Maximum event visibility
  • A fun and exciting crowd-pleaser at an affordable price
  • A chance to get your customers excited and in a buying mood
  • Ultimate control over the winnings

Consider renting a money blowing machine for your next event. It’s a great way to attract a crowd and reward customers or employees – all at a very affordable price.

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