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Trade Show Brochure Ideas

Deciding to participate in a trade show or convention is no small feet. After spending upwards of thousands of dollars just to erect a booth on the trade show floor, you have to make good decisions that will equate to adding value to every single interaction you’ll have at your trade show exhibit. A lot of times we talk about ways to attract people into your booth and what to do with them while they are there. In today’s article we’ll talk about the importance of quality brochures and take away materials that you’ll place in the hands of the elusive passerby. There is value in every person that attends the show, not just the ones that step into your booth.


  1. Make sure you stand out! The best way to stand out is to know who you are attempting to stand out in front of. If possible, find out what type of collateral your competition is handing out and make it better! If you don’t know what others will be doing, don’t fret. Use this opportunity to design a brochure that can act as a “mini-tradeshow” experience. Include all of the key points you’d share during a face to face conversation.


  1. Make sure your piece looks professional! Trade show attendees will have a ton of information thrown at them during the show. You can’t expect them to remember you and/or what was discussed. Your trade show collateral should represent your brand, its value and it’s level of professionalism. Unless you have an inhouse graphic designer, it’s best you not attempt to create the brochure on your own. A sloppy or lack luster brochure is how you will be remembered. Consult with a professional to create a stand out piece of collateral that will represent properly. If you’re strapped for cash, make sure the design is one that can be used after the trade show, adding value to your investment.


  1. Include a component that encourages contact!  Every other brochure you’ll see at the trade show will include a website address, email address and/or a phone number. Including contact information is not a call to action. Your brochure should include a component that entices the person to interact with you. You could offer a discount on your product or service exclusive to those who have the brochure by including a special redemption code. You can also direct people to like or follow your social media channels to receive a discount or “chance to win.”


  1. Tell your story! Above and beyond all of the sales pitches and catchy slogans you’ll find in a brochure, consider a section that tells who your company is, where it came from and where you’re going. You should also include information about causes your involved with. This section should have an emotional connection to the reader. It’s common knowledge that shoppers tend to spend their money with companies to whom they feel they relate and can trust.


About the author: William Hall is a seasoned business coach specializing in branding, social media and promotional events. William has spent his career teaching businesses of all sizes how to stand out in the crowd while using marketing dollars most effectively. His clients are continuously thankful for his out-of-the-box ideas that lead to increased revenue, more clicks and a bigger online presence.

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