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Internet Marketing For Beginners

Internet Marketing For Beginners

It’s all the rage with your internet entrepreneur friends: Internet marketing! It sounds easy, but don’t be fooled, successfully executing the necessary strategies can be quite difficult. Keeping this in mind, this article will discuss the basic concept of internet marketing for beginners and will outline basic strategies that can help a business owner launch their first internet marketing campaign. We will discuss topics such as creating a website, placing banner ads, email marketing and optimizing your website for search engines.


The first and most basic step for starting an internet marketing campaign is to create a website. If you’re reading this article, chances are you already have a website. If it’s out-dated or poorly designed, you should consider re-designing as soon as possible. Many search engines are requiring websites be mobile device friendly in order to show up on the first page of search results. For those of you who are somewhat tech-savvy, there are many do-it-yourself website services available. Hiring a professional designer is almost always the best choice. A professional designer can also build custom/advanced features that will really impress your customers.


If you’ve ever been on the internet, you’ve seen banner ads. This popular option for advertising your business is popular for a reason: It works! Banner ads are advertisements that usually appear on the side, header or footer of a web page. These mini billboards contain your marketing message with graphics that encourage the user to click for more information, thus directing them to your website. This type of advertising has a proven track record of being effective when placed on high traffic websites.


E-blast marketing campaigns are another popular and successful component of internet marketing. E-blasts are targeted emails you send to your subscription list. There are many popular e-blast service providers available, most designed for the internet marketing novice. Many people are hesitant to give out their email address for fear of being spammed. To make a good impression on people, only send out e-blasts when you have quality information to share. You should also never send emails to people who have not given you permission to do so.

Finally, thorough optimization  of your website for search engines is a critical aspect of internet marketing. Search engines you an algorithm to provide results based on searches. This algorithm is designed to decide how relevant your website and its content are to the user’s search words.


About the author: William Hall is a seasoned business coach specializing in branding, social media and promotional events. William has spent his career teaching businesses of all sizes how to stand out in the crowd while using marketing dollars most effectively. His clients are continuously thankful for his out-of-the-box ideas that lead to increased revenue, more clicks and a bigger online presence.

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