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Prize Safe with Insurance


How the Prize Safe Works

The Prize Safe is a clear, Plexiglas safe that you can fill with incentives for your customers to try to win! With a 4-digit or 6-digit prize vault code, there are millions of possible combinations!

Weekly Rentals as low as $495

Additional days, call for pricing

Rentals as low as $1,795

For a full 1-30 day rental. With $10,000 of Prize Insurance. Additional days, call for pricing

Buy the Deluxe Prize Safe or Rent a Prize Safe with insurance for your next promotion. Call 800-573-3111 to order or chat with one of our live event marketing specialists now.

Create Exciting Promotions With The Prize Safe

Find out how casinos, banks, radio stations, race tracks, and businesses are using the Prize Safe to create exciting promotions and events!

The Prize Safe is Perfect for:

  • Auto dealership promotions
  • Casino promotions
  • Race track events
  • Bank promotions
  • Trade shows
  • Business meetings
  • Corporate events
  • Radio station promotions
  • In-store events
  • Grand opening events

Prize Safe Event Promotion Ideas

Power Promotions: Looking to create a power-packed event promotion? For an action packed half-time race track event, trade show event, or marketing event, print out numerous Prize Safe combinations and seal them in envelopes making sure that all but one of the prize vault combinations is the one that will open the Prize Safe.

Have your trade show booth visitors; raffle ticket winners, star employees, or other select participants choose an envelope. Then gather a crowd for the event as each contestant tries their combination on the Prize Safe digital keypad. Everyone knows that someone will crack the Prize Safe – but no one, including the contestants, knows who will be the winner! When the Prize Safe finally swings open, the experience is exhilarating for the contestant and the crowd!

Long-Term Promotions: Keep customers returning to your place of business again and again with the allure of winning the magnificent grand prize inside the Prize Safe. With millions of possible combinations, thousands of participants can try their hand at the combination for months or even years before the prize vault finally cracks!

Place the Prize Safe in your retail location, bank, or casino to entice customers to come back again and again and try their hand at the combination for a chance to win!