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Prize Safe Marketing FAQs

Available for rent or purchase, the fully-customizable Prize safe is designed to boost traffic and build excitement around your business or event. It can be used for virtually any promotion and is distinctively designed with transparent walls that allow contestants to see the prizes inside. The convenient size of the Prize Safe makes it the ideal promotion for those on-the-go or events with limited space.

Step 1: Choose Your Prizes

When choosing what prizes to place inside the Prize Safe, consider high-value imprinted items branded with your logo and marketing message, leaving a lasting impact in the minds of your potential customers long after the event.  Gift certificates, discounts or free products and services are also a great way to drum-up an interest in your business.

If you are looking for the ultimate prize vault promotion, opt for our irresistible prize safe insurance coverage, guaranteeing the lucky winner a $10,000 insured jackpot. If a contestant guesses the correct code to open the prize safe, we take care of the payout. Your company only pays a fraction of the jackpot cost for the prize vault rental and to insure the winnings! That’s right, if a contestant wins, we pay the prize and Your Company gets the promotional advertising!

Step 2: Choose Your Contestants

Your company can easily make the Prize Safe accessible to everyone at your trade show booth or business location. To boost excitement, choose to qualify contestants with a Custom Prize Wheel, branded Scratch Tickets or the promotional Prize Decoder, using the Prize Safe as one of the prizes. This is also a great opportunity to build a database of potential customers by requiring that each contestant fill out a form with his or her contact information for a mailing list before using the prize safe.

Step 3: How the Prize Safe Works

The Prize Safe can be programmed with a 3,4,5 or 6-digit code. Contestants enter a random code of their choosing in hopes of cracking the prize safe and walking away with the prize inside. To ensure that a winning code will be entered into the prize vault at some point in the promotion, distribute codes on your marketing material and require that contestants enter that specific code into the prize safe. This way, you are guaranteed to have one lucky winner! This generates excitement just like winning a lottery and gets people talking about their experience.

Step 4: Incorporate the Prize Safe Into Your Industry

The prize vault is the ideal promotion for virtually any industry because it is compact, portable and full of excitement! Whether you use the prize safe to draw attention to your tradeshow booth, boost your automotive sales, or bring new account holders to your bank, you’re guaranteed success with the promotional Prize Safe.


If you’re in the automotive industry, you know the value of direct mail. Why not incorporate the prize safe into your promotional mailings to generate a buzz about your next sales event? Include a unique code on the mailing and require that the contestants bring the code to the dealership to see if they’ve won, thus leading potential customers straight to the prize safe on your showroom floor. Opt for a custom jackpot insurance package and offer contestants to win a brand new car!

Tradeshows & Events

Nothing creates a buzz around your tradeshow booth like the chance to win big prizes from the promotional Prize Safe. The lighted interior and clear walls of the prize vault create the perfect platform to display your prizes for all to see. Once attendees gather at your booth for their chance to Crack-the-Code, your sales reps and event recruiters are given the opportunity to engage them and introduce your products and services. Limited booth space? No problem! The prize safe conveniently fits on a table top. For maximum branding, add the customized Prize Safe stand to display your prize vault emblazoned with your logo and marketing message.


Increase visitors to your gaming floor with the excitement-building Prize Safe! Fill it with stacks of currency, casino chips to use at your venue, or luxury marketing items that will challenge your visitors to guess the 4-6 digit winning code and win the prizes! The prize vault can also be used as a perk for your VIP members to keep them coming back and playing longer.


Great for a grand opening or an ongoing promotion in the bank lobby, the Prize Safe is sure to lure new clients and generate a buzz around your bank or credit union! Reward new account holders with the chance to crack the Prize Safe and win the fabulous prizes displayed inside. Fill the vault with gift certificates, cash, customizable scratch off cards, or a chance to win a key to a Treasure Chest for the chance of an even bigger prize!


Setting up a Prize Safe is a great approach for doctor’s and dentist’s offices, as well as hospital marketing. Whether people visit your office location or stop by your display at a local business fair, they’ll be excited for a chance at cracking the code that will open the prize vault.  The Prize Safe can be stocked with a free health exam, a free luxury promotional item or a chance to win a discounted rate for a procedure.  Your healthcare office may also consider a promotional mailing advertising the prize vault to invite new patients to schedule an appointment.