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Prize Safe General FAQs

Why use a Prize Vault?

The promotional prize vault is an irresistible attraction designed to drive traffic and build excitement around your promotions and events. The convenient size and attractive, eye-catching features of the Prize Vault make it the go-to promotional tool for any industry.  The Prize Safe provides the opportunity to prominently display your enticing prizes from every angle, while it’s flashing chaser lights and scrolling marquis message board catch the eye of potential customers and tradeshow booth attendees.

What Should You Stock the Prize Safe With?

One of the most beneficial aspects of the promotional prize safe is that you have complete control of the prizes up for grabs. If your goal is increase traffic to your business, fill the safe with gift certificates or discount coupons for your products and services. If you are exhibiting in a tradeshow and want to build a crowd around your booth, fill the safe with high-quality promotional items, cash, or electronics. The promotional prize vault provides ample space for the prize of your choosing!

How do I use the Prize Safe in my Event?

When it comes to the Prize Safe, the possibilities are endless! Once you’ve determined your budget and desired quantity of promotional prizes and giveaways, you can easily build your event around the prize vault. For instance, if your goal is to distribute marketing material and an imprinted giveaway to tradeshow attendees, you’ll want to fill the safe with a single grand prize that will attract passersby to your booth, thus giving you the opportunity to engage booth visitors and get your marketing material directly in the hands of potential customers.

If you are including the prize safe in your advertising prior to the event, opt for our prize insurance, which is an irresistible $10,000 jackpot up-for-grabs for the first 2,000 visitors to your business or event. Nothing builds excitement like the chance to win BIG!  If you are anticipating more event attendees or want to increase the payout, one our knowledgeable promotions specialists can provide a custom quote tailored to your specific event needs and budget.

What Events Are Best for Prize Vaults?

The prize safe is the ideal promotional tool for virtually any event! Its compact size allows you to place the prize vault on a table top, pedestal, or one of our convenient custom branded prize safe display stands. It is easy to operate, requires simple, one-man installation, and can be transported with ease.

Perfect for those on a budget, the prize safe provides the ability to prominently showcase one grand prize at a time. This allows you to attract attention and fulfill your marketing goals without having to distribute multiple prizes at random.

How Long Will it Take to Receive the Prize Safe?

Should you choose to rent the prize safe, it will be shipped to arrive two days prior to you event, allowing you sufficient time for setup, testing, and display of the prize vault. Our prize safe is also available for sale and will normally ship within 3-7 business days. If you are on a tight timeline, ask us about rush services!

Once your prize vault has shipped, transit times vary based on your location, not exceeding 6 business days in the contiguous United States. Call one of our promotion specialists today for more information on pricing, transit times, and product specifics!