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All-Clear Deluxe Circular Cash Cube

The All-Clear Deluxe Circular Cash Cube is visually appealing from every angle! It has a Lexan® clear shell that is strong and impact resistant. The body is made of laser-cut steel, providing unbeatable quality. The top LCD display can be customized to show your personal announcement.

DIMENSIONS: 120" in circumference x 89" height WEIGHT: 175 lbs

The All-Clear Deluxe Circular Cash Cube Features:

The All-Clear Deluxe Circular Cash Cube can be set up and moved by one person. The design also features automatic blowers to go off when you set them. This machine is truly a classic in the making. Click here to see A custom
Branded Circular Cash Cube

Blower Size: 19L x 18"W x 19.5"H. Weighs 39 lbs

Rental Price:

$695 - $1,195 RENT ME

Sales Price:

$5,999.00 Buy Now

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