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Inflatable Blue Traveler Money Machine

Inflatable Money Machines are the most afforable, full-feature cash cubes you'll find anywhere. Colorful and a great attention-getter, these portable money machines have all the features of a hard case, and can be customized to your event.

Inflatable machines include a money feed to put in cash, coupons or custom funny money. Easy to transport and set up, can accomodate 100+ people per hour and bring people to your event, guaranteed!

This particular cash cube is ready right out of the bag in five minutes. It has 4 ringed straps to keep grounded for indoor and outdoor events. Optional timer boxes are available to control the length of time a player has to play.

This Cash Cube Includes:


Rental Price:

$249 - $495 RENT ME

Sales Price:

$2,695.00 Buy Now

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Inflatable Blue Traveler